How we (co)operate

At Urednica we combine the knowledge and experience of strategic and crisis management, reputation and change management, leadership, communication and relationships. These are the skills that every organization needs, each management, each community, each team. At Urednica we work a lot and we love to work hard, and we are proud and grateful that we can efficiently help leaders and teams. For this to achieve we require good cooperation, ethical action and consistent implementation of the agreed.

We stay connected …

As we together with our clients now have more than a decade of successful cooperation behind us, organizations and individuals generally know, what they can expect from us. Even when a situation is complicated, demanding and accompanied by strong public opposition, misunderstanding and pressures, even when you fall out of favour and it is boiling in the court of public opinion, we at Urednica will do everything to solve the crisis situation responsibly, ethically, in the best interest of the organization, management, users and the community.

In the last decade we have been solving and have successfully solved the most demanding and notorious issues and crisis situations. Many jobs, reputation and the future of companies, organizations and individuals were dependent from their outcomes. We are proud that in all cases when our clients followed us and responsibly implemented necessary measures, crisis situations, among them really difficult stories, had resolved in the best possible ways. Clients know that they can expect responsible, professional, honest and committed work from us and the achievement and exceeding of the set goals. At the same time, they get our human support and understanding, as crisis situations and scandals are a difficult life test for every individual. This is also the reason that, as a rule, we stay connected, even after a difficult story has been successfully solved and systemic solutions have been effectively implemented.

Today, it is understood that it is the duty and responsibility of each organization to care for reputation and trust, to take care of its employees and users, to strengthen relationships and leadership processes, to ensure the smooth implementation of the objectives pursued, to prevent and manage risks and professionally and to ethically manage crisis situations when they occur. We are facing these needs by companies, exporters, large and small companies, European institutions, municipalities, numerous organizations in the public sector, NGOs, even individuals … We love to help. What we require are good cooperation, ethical action and consistent implementation of the agreed.

No room for a wrong step

How do we know which path is right and necessary for an organization in a complex situation?

Dr. Damjana Pondelek, the CEO of the Urednica company, answers: “This is our everyday work and responsibility. I have dedicated my entire career to this, and in the course of two decades an exceptional amount of work done and with it experience has accumulated along this path. This is very valuable because in crisis situations there is no room for a wrong step. Your opponents are just waiting for it and we will not give them this joy.”

What do we require from you?

Dr. Damjana Pondelek, the CEO of the Urednica company, is an expert in strategic and crisis management. She is a strategic adviser to decision makers, top management, and teams in demanding situations. She is a respected speaker and lecturer at congresses, conferences, round tables, training courses and other events. E:

At Urednica we focus all our knowledge and experience on protecting reputation, strengthening relationships and trust, preventing crisis situations and scandals and on their professional, effective and ethical management. We promote system solutions while we strive for the humanization of organizations, management and human relations. And we also expect such attitude from our clients. There are no shortcuts. Of course, everything can happen to a living person and a functioning organization, and we have really seen, experienced and solved many situations. After all this time working in the field of strategic and crisis management, nothing human and organizational is foreign to us. It happens. Even what is not supposed to happen. We understand everything and try to solve it. However, we need a firm decision and a commitment from the client to correct adequately what bad has happened to the management and organization. Without evasion. Without pretending. With appropriate, responsible actions, communication and systemic solutions. As this is urgent and necessary for the organization and its management, the team and all involved. Because honest operation is crucial for the trust and respect you need, so that you can continue to be successful, respected and trustworthy. This is what companies, organizations, employees, users and other stakeholders deserve, and this is what each of us owes also to her/himself.

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