Protecting reputation and dignity

Reputation. Trust. Relations. Leadership. Urednica.

Reputation management,
change management

We strengthen reputation, trust and relationships. We support management in taking appropriate decisions and actions at breaking points, in introducing and communicating change.

Support for management and teams

No one can hurt you as much as you can hurt each other. We help teams to build relationships that do not hurt. We help management to attain leadership, which makes room for respect, trust.

Management education
and training

For management and teams we carry out education and training in the fields of reputation management, work relations, leadership, organizational culture, change, and strategic and crisis management.


We are specialists in managing crisis situations in environments of high risks and expectations. We will support you in delivering an appropriate response and communication to all those who expect, need, request answers and results.

Public responses and explanations

We will support you so that your views, responses, explanations in the social space will be well-heard and properly understood. Even in cases where public opinion and social situation will not favor you.


We help you in raising public awareness, or to achieve your business, professional, occupational and other legitimate goals and present them in society. We also support you in negotiations and in peaceful resolution of tensions, conflicts, disputes.